Lessons and activities for your digital classroom.


These are suggested lessons and activities which may be adapted to your school’s distance learning plan and scaffolded to best suit the age group of your students. The lessons are music-focused, and have been designed to facilitate curriculum connections with other disciplines.  

Music Concepts and Listening Skills 

  • Music Building Blocks: Notes, Harmony, Rhythm
  • Careful Listening!
  • Mystery Sounds 
  • Be A Conductor
  • Patterns 

Music and Language Arts


  • Fact or Opinion
  • My Imaginary Instrument / Newsflash: Read All about It!
  • My Acrostic Poem
  • Call and Response 
  • Splash! Crash! Boom!—Fun with Onomatopoeia

 Music and Social Sciences

  • Shared Songs / My Special Celebration! / Research a Traditional Song
  • Instruments from Around the World 
  • Helping Hands: My Community

Music and Physical Sciences

  • Voice and Vibrations   
  • Vibration Causes Sound
  • The Body’s Percussion Instrument: Your Heart!

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