Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and celebrating 20 years in 2023, Dholrhythms Dance Company is an organization dedicated to promoting the artistic and cultural heritage of India by sharing rhythms of Punjab through classes, workshops, performances, and events. Diverse in age and ethnicity, Dholrhythms is an all-women company dancing together to share their love for music, community, and culture while empowering and celebrating women. Led by cofounder Vicki Virk, Dholrhythms highlights the ancestral and ethnic roots of Punjabi folk dances while pushing boundaries with contemporary influences. In addition to curating their own productions, the group passionately dedicates itself to collaborations to raise awareness to embrace a more global conscious unity through music and dance.

Dancers: Vicki Virk, Suman Raj, Binu Kumar, Rajni Rao, Nina Zumel, Mila Raj, Lisa Hepps, Michelle Baird, Emily Devenny, Andrea Hirsig, Nina Mohan, Surina Grewal
Live Dhol Drum: Rav-E Sandhu

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