Brian Marcus
Member since 1981
Hometown: Northridge, CA

I love improvisational theater. Doing improv requires amazing listening skills and the ability to be present—what drives a scene is how you listen and relate to someone else on stage. I also do a great deal of Feldenkrais, the movement method, which helps with my own health and well-being as well as my playing.

Current listening:
I enjoy listening to the Guarneri Quartet playing late Beethoven string quartets; also recordings of Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau singing Schubert lieder. I love listening to him because of the quality of his sound and his amazing musicality—it’s all so perfect and effortless.

Advice for aspiring musicians:
Take a movement class. It makes such a difference to become aware of what you’re doing with your body while you’re playing. Take yoga or Feldenkrais, whatever it is—this is especially true for young bass players, because bass is such a physical instrument. Also, I think it’s important to learn and practice music away from your instrument. Study scores, practice visualization, and listen.


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