Michael Tilson Thomas:
From the Diary of Anne Frank &
Meditations on Rilke

GRAMMY® Winner for Best
Classical Compendium

“It is my hope that some of these musical reflections of many years may stick with you.”                                                              
                                                    —Michael Tilson Thomas

In celebration of Michael Tilson Thomas’ 25th and final year as Music Director of the San Francisco Symphony, SFS Media presents the premiere recordings of MTT’s first and most recent compositions for voice and orchestra. MTT’s From the Diary of Anne Frank features narrator Isabel Leonard, while Meditations on Rilke is brought to life by mezzo-soprano Sasha Cooke and bass-baritone Ryan McKinny. Inspired by and based on the words and compassionate spirit of Anne Frank, From the Diary of Anne Frank opens with a flourish and culminates in a solemn yet hopeful vision for the future. Meditations on Rilke takes listeners on an emotional and evocative journey befitting the lyrical sweep of Rainer Maria Rilke’s poems. This album is available now wherever music is downloaded and streamed, and in a studio master-quality double SACD set. 


San Francisco Symphony
Michael Tilson Thomas

From the Diary of Anne Frank

Featuring Isabel Leonard, narrator

Meditations on Rilke

Featuring Sasha Cooke, mezzo-soprano &

Ryan McKinny, bass-baritone

                 Total playing time: 1:21:08                    


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